Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Again!

Its been a while, either I'm a bad mom or just not much has happened... i.e. lack of picture history :)  Within the last week Landon has started crawling... just a little bit ,a few feet here and there, not dragging himself or army crawling but hands and knees like a big boy! :) Although I know in no time at all he'll be all over the place and my house will be far more picked up than it usually is :) HA! Still eating little nibbles although tonight he discovered drinking from a cup/a straw that I've picked up with my finger on the end and put in his mouth... does that even make sense? You know what I'm talking about right? Anyway he LOVES water, couldn't get enough! So we were happy about that :) He is mastering waving and will occasionally throw out a "Hi!" so cute. He loves reading books and I caught him this morning reading one all by himself. So cute in his jammies sitting on the floor. Hopefully I will have an update sooner rather than later. His birthday party is coming up so hopefully I can get a post about that out :)

Playing with rocks!

He didn't really like climbing the tree...

Lunging at the camera :)

His favorite... crackers!

Telling Chaz all about how fall is the best season, and we can have the windows open ;)

Making friends, Wrestling, Leap frog, abusing the cat... :)

Taking a picture with a very pretty girl!!
 His friend Eli's birthday party, fun at the farm!!

Oh this stuff is cool!

How interesting...

I bet it is Delicious!!
Way to go Dad! But the truth is he was drooling mud a short time later :)
His very first ride on a horse!!

He loved it, good thing it didn't last much longer or he would have been tasting it

A tractor ride with a buddy

Fun times with grandpa

The results of fun with a fuzzy pillow

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