Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Water Babies!!!

Our biggest new adventure is water babies :) swimming lessons for our little man, he gets to go with his friends Eli and Easton and they had a blast!

Oh yeah... We'll be back :)

We also have fun in the water at home...

Chaz is always close by :)

Daddy working on cutting down our big dead tree
and his supervisor

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Well its my first Mothers Day, the boys are asleep... sick :( I'm afraid I brought the cold home earlier in the week and now the boys are out for the count. So maybe not the ideal first mothers day but it is a little nice to relax at home and be a mommy :) Landon even took the time to get me a gift!! A new vacuum cleaner, it was perfect :)

When I got home from worship team practice this is what awaited me :)

Landon even signed it!

We have teeth!! 2 bottom teeth are working their way up and out, though I will miss his gummy smile I am glad to see him growing like a big boy. Though the new found munchers have not helped to inspire eating big boy food...

A very happy mothers day to all you mommys out there!!  :) (mommys? mommies? either way) :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miss Us?? We're Back!! :)

Oh boy has it ever been a long time since I've posted! Okay we didn't go anywhere, well, first a little procrastination, then a computer malfunction, followed by me trying to fix it, followed by 3-4 weeks back and fourth from the computer doctor, then a week for me to get it back on the internet... plus a few days for me to find the time... :) Ta Da!! Here we go! I'm going to try to get it in order, Landon looks like he has his doubts...

The exer-saucer has become a favorite pass-time...

Started rolling over to his tummy

Bought a jogging stroller, aka life-saver :)

 Yup, think Chaz is still bigger :)

We've heard a few giggles

 5 Months Old!

Then we apparently had a lack of picture taking, a few days before he turned 6 months we tried some rice cereal, he was not a big fan, still isn't into baby food. I suppose he'll eat when he's ready, stop worrying about it mom (me)... :)

6 Months!!
And then there was Easter :)

Stucky cousins, minus Brent and Sadie, yeah Landon had a dragon Easter basket.. thanks great grandma and grandpa Wahl!! :)

He found his first Easter egg, he didn't even let a missing shoe hold him back!

Aunt Tenae and Uncle Brian

My first batch of homemade baby food, sweet potatoes!! I was so proud, Landon thinks a bit less of it. :)

We fit into our Santo Domingo outfit brought back from the Dominican Republic by our friend Donna! Thanks Donna, perfect summer duds!

Emma Creek with our friends (left) Shelly and Easton (9.5 weeks older than Landon) and (right) Rhiannon and Eli (1 week older than Landon). We are in for some fun and busy times with these three!! :)

Dad is making sure he is well versed on his Hereford knowledge

 He has officially figured out the door jumper and jumping is now high on the favorites list


A tidbit about this video is that there is a full length mirror opposite his doorway... Bonus!!