Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life is "Entertaining"

We've been keeping busy attempting to live life successfully... :) Basically keeping clean and fed. Sleeping is a bonus. Landon is doing well, starting to smile a little bit and enjoy toys and "entertaining" more.  He was weighed again today and is 11lb 8oz, gaining about 1 1/2 oz a day!


Getting to know the local wildlife

Sunday at church, this week Matt became a member of our church, Landon was very excited :)
Matt's family threw us a WONDERFUL baby shower, this is Landon's diaper bike!! How cute is that!?!

Hanging out watching his favorite football team! (sorry Jodi, he'll be saying "pee-yew" Chiefs in no time)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

but he looked hungry...

So today I decided that Landon had grown up enough (he weighed 10lb 0.7oz last week and 10lb 11.6oz yesterday at the doctor's) and was ready to try out his high chair, after only a little frustration I had it up and ready to go. Landon was somewhat amused...

We thought he looked hungry, he didn't go for it...

We also thought it was time to try out the Bumbo seat

That's right... check out that action shot! :)

His 2 month doctor's appointment went well, he's healthy and right on track. Shots were traumatic but probably a bit more for mom and dad than Landon.