Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weights, Walks and Other Fun

Things have been going well at home with our big guy. He's waking up several times a night to eat and eating all day, which shows, he weighed 6lb 6oz Monday at his weight check appointment. He has gained almost a pound since we came home from the hospital! The lactation nurse said he's been gaining an average of 1 1/2 ounces a day. Yay!! He'll be rolly polly in no time. Plus our pediatrician said that good weight gain, (like Landon) can off-set some of the longer term risks of being born premature. So yet again I am back to Landon not knowing he was a preemie. :)

Landon in his "Sunday best" ready for a Sunday at home hiding from germs :)
Looking so much better in his car seat on a short ride to Grandpa and Grandma Wahl's. Surely he must pass his next car seat challenge!!

Today we ventured out on a lovely day for Landon's first walk! Our stroller lays flat so he could ride. Since he failed the car seat challenge at the hospital he is not allowed to sit in his carseat or similar position for more than 30 minutes max. His position options at home are being held or laying flat. At any rate we had a great time, he slept like a baby (ha!) the whole time, I take it that he liked it.

Ready to go!! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bath Time for a Big Boy!

We're slowly settleing into a routine of sorts. It includes lots of diapers, lots of feeding and a little bit of sleep. Landon has had 2 baths since we've been home, one by mom and one by dad. So far Landon is pretty tolerable of bath time.

We had a weight check appointment Monday at the hospital and Landon weighed 5lb 11.4oz, above birth weight! Yay! Then today we had our first appointment with Dr. Jantz and Landon weighed in at 5lb 14.4oz!! Gaining like a crazy man, its so exciting and I'm so proud of the big guy. Its also sad, they really do grow up too fast :)

Bath from Mom (thanks for the bath frog Jodi! It really does the trick) :)
Bath from Dad
Chaz supervised the whole operation :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Friday afternoon we received the sweetest news. Landon had gained enough weight and was doing well enough to go home!! We were so excited and anxious. I had spent almost 10 days in the hospital focused on our little miracle and now we were going home to real life. I forgot there was a regular ole' world out there :) Matt was home getting some work done when I got the news. He was so excited when I called and told him "come and get us daddy" he said that the feeling must be similar to getting the call that I was in labor (an experience we didn't get to have) After we finished up a few last minute things we were off. It was so strange to be at home with Landon, overwhelming at first, especially with so much that wasn't ready for this including mom and dad. :) 2 days in now we are formulating a routine and settling in to our new lives as a family, and loving it! It is still strange to look back and remember the last week and a half it is all such a blur. God has blessed us so much and we are very thankful. Praise the lord for all he has given us. The thank yous continue to all who have prayed for us, thought of us and who have generously given meals and gifts to us. We appreciate it more that you can know. Here are some pictures of the big event and our time at home.

He wasn't cooperating very well, I figure its a new form of kung fu...
I thought hew looked so crunched and uncomfortable in his car seat. He wasn't too phased though
Our new buddy the recliner!
I got this picture from the hospital when they were getting rid of some records, I always thought it looked like someone had just pulled a finger or pacifier from Matt's mouth...
Turns out it was genetic :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Landon took the liberty of pulling out his NG tube yesterday morning. After brief moments of disappointment and worry we decided along with his doctor to attempt using a bottle every other feeding instead of the NG tube. Using a bottle is slightly less stressful and energy consuming for him. So officially for 2 days he has been taking the required amounts and sometimes more by bottle and breastfeeding every other feeding! Our goal now is weight gain, he is weighed daily, I anxiously await 6am to find out how he did. I must admit, even though it has been stressful to hope he can eat enough to avoid replacing the NG tube, it has been delightful to have our little boy free of monitors and tubes! :) (his doctor discontinued his oxygen monitor today) Here are a few pictures of the fun of a tube free cutie :)

Before our tricky boy pulled his tube
After :)

My friend and co-worker Kristi, we've had fun having her be our nurse :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

First Bath

Today we got to give Landon his first bath! He was somewhat unimpressed but he is clean now :) Plus he got to wear yet another outfit.... At this rate we'll run through his wardrobe pretty quickly :) Oh well we have to use it all before he grows!! I was so glad to be able to give his first bath. Our nurse Amy was so nice to be our photographer so we could all be in the pictures! Thanks Amy!!!

Landon's Great Escape!

Yesterday morning (Saturday) Landon was dismissed from the special care nursery. This means he gets to hang out in the regular hospital room with us!! We have been able to hang out as a family and it has been so fun. Landon continues to do excellent, he is eating well and getting feedings through a tube to be sure that he gets enough to eat without wearing his little self out. Yesterday he had an IV and bilirubin light for jaundice, as of now we have shed these things and he has his feeding tube and a monitor on his foot to keep an eye on his heart rate and oxygen levels. He's almost just a normal ole baby :) Dr. Jantz (Landon's doctor) says he looks stronger everyday and that our assignment this week is for Landon to eat and grow! Whew! I think we can handle that. Below are some pictures from his first days hanging out as a family.

Landon has quite the cute crib thanks to mommy's friends at the hospital
You can barely see it but that is his first outfit :)
Thanks for the hat uncle Andy!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 4th

October 4th started at 5:08 am, we knew that my placenta was in the wrong place and had been planning a cesarean delivery for late October to safely deliver before the risk of bleeding was too high. God had other plans, at 5:08 I woke up with some bleeding and we rushed to the hospital. After a long day of waiting and watching the decision was made soon after 6:00pm to deliver by emergency c-section. God was truly with us and the hospital staff all day. Our baby looked good on the monitor so we were blessed to not be afraid for him any more that we already were. Matt was able to come to the operating room with me and sit next to me and hold my hand during the surgery.

Our baby was born legs first, first they announced that one leg was out, then a rear end. Dr. Webb asked,  "Tera? Do you want to know?" Of course the answer was Yes! The next thing we heard was "There are boy parts" :) A BOY! We were happy and I was more surprised than I thought I would be, I guess I thought he was a girl more than I realized.

Landon was a little stunned from his early arrival but recovered quickly and was soon pink and crying loudly. We were thrilled that he looked so healthy being almost 6 weeks early. He hasn't let us down since.

Following are pictures of the first few days of Landon Matthew Stucky's life. We will try to update things as we can but it is amazing the time warp you fall into when you have a baby. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for us both during pregnancy and the past few days. Your prayers have been felt and seen, we are truly blessed.
Starting the day of unknowns (can't believe we remembered to take a picture)
ready to meet me in the OR
5 Pounds 10 Ounces and 19 Inches long
first family photo
Matt showed me this picture in the OR and I thought Landon looked just like Matt
Landon and his CPAP, he needed extra oxygen and air flow to start out
Matt's first time holding Landon
Grandpa Tony drawing Landon's lab work, we promised Landon that Grandpa Tony is usually more fun :)
I know right?!? He's the cutest baby ever!!! (we've been very good stereotypical first-time parents) :)
Landon is still in the special care nursery and doing great, we are planning that he will be able to come to our room soon. I was dismissed as a patient on Thursday evening but we get to stay in our hospital room until Landon goes home. Here's hoping I can update the blog before then :)