Monday, February 27, 2012


February was filled with lots of love! har har I know... Not much new, which we count as good, he's busy getting chubby and learning all sorts of new noises.  His 4 month well child check went great, Dr. Jantz said that if he didn't know better we could have passed him off as a normal full term 4 month old. We were happy to hear that. We made another trip to Oklahoma to see some cows but more importantly visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Wahl. Oh! and we've got him potty trained... okay not really :)

Our favorite (and most tasty) toy

We still catch a "kissy" face every now and then

Trying on Grandpa Tony's glasses

Daddy's glasses, makes him look smart huh? :)

Being tickled is so fun! (maybe more for me) :)

For the record Chaz is still our biggest kid :)