Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A few new tricks

Not a whole lot has changed, last week Landon weighed 14lb 3.2 ounces, he is 16 weeks old already!! :) We tried his doorway jumper, he mostly just dangles there but he was entertained enough to not fuss about being in there :) He is just starting to reach for/bat at things, looking forward to him playing with all of his toys. He is also doing really good holding up his head during tummy time, which makes the mirror fun!! Overall he is a happy little boy, he is all smiles first thing in the morning which is always fun, although Matt and I can't figure out how we produced such a morning person.....
Ahh the great outdoors...

Snuggled with grandma downstairs it was time to go, so she brought the whole snuggle upstairs and to the kitchen, he was definitely out! *disclaimer* we don't make a habit of counter-top naps :)

He's made good friends with the boy in the mirror :)

Another try in the high chair...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas and other things

We had a busy and fun Christmas, celebrating together our little family for the first time :) Uncle Austin came to visit from the Seattle area, and we made our first out of state trip to Oklahoma to visit great grandparents and celebrate Christmas. Landon is busy smiling and becoming more active, we've successfully fought off out first cold,  and he's weighing in at 13lbs now and has been to the babysitters for the first time. Which means my maternity leave is officially over :( So hard, but I'm anxious to get into a new routine with our little family. Enjoy the photo review of the past few weeks :)


3 generations

Trying out uncle Austin's new ski goggles, this is also one of the only pictures we took on Christmas day... nice mom. :)

Great Grandma in Oklahoma

Great Grandpa in Oklahoma

Cuddle pile!!

Grandpa Tony is on his way to the Dominican Republic for this years' mission trip with MMI, Landon tried to stow away, luckily we caught him just in time :)