Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Life is "Entertaining"

We've been keeping busy attempting to live life successfully... :) Basically keeping clean and fed. Sleeping is a bonus. Landon is doing well, starting to smile a little bit and enjoy toys and "entertaining" more.  He was weighed again today and is 11lb 8oz, gaining about 1 1/2 oz a day!


Getting to know the local wildlife

Sunday at church, this week Matt became a member of our church, Landon was very excited :)
Matt's family threw us a WONDERFUL baby shower, this is Landon's diaper bike!! How cute is that!?!

Hanging out watching his favorite football team! (sorry Jodi, he'll be saying "pee-yew" Chiefs in no time)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

but he looked hungry...

So today I decided that Landon had grown up enough (he weighed 10lb 0.7oz last week and 10lb 11.6oz yesterday at the doctor's) and was ready to try out his high chair, after only a little frustration I had it up and ready to go. Landon was somewhat amused...

We thought he looked hungry, he didn't go for it...

We also thought it was time to try out the Bumbo seat

That's right... check out that action shot! :)

His 2 month doctor's appointment went well, he's healthy and right on track. Shots were traumatic but probably a bit more for mom and dad than Landon.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving and other happenings

Things have been good here in Landon land... :) Last Tuesday he weighed in at 9lbs 7.6oz. He's grown out of most of his newborn outfits, I'm desperately holding on to a few of them. I had sad mommy times packing it all up :( But I am so glad he is growing so well. Over Thanksgiving week Matt's sister and brother in law and their daughter Sadie came home from California to visit, we had a lot of fun getting to spend time together! We got to see most of our extended family over the holiday which was so fun.

Landon has given us a few little smiles, he is starting to be a little more interactive and it has been so fun.
He also rolled over.... I know right WhAt?!?! but he did, several weeks ago he did it and it was a flailing accident. Several days ago he flailed onto his side and then slowly worked his way over (tummy to back). Then two days ago he was mad during tummy time and rolled over, we were so proud, Matt turned him over to finish tummy time and I went downstairs for some laundry. I came back up to find him on his back again, Matt said I wasn't even downstairs before he had rolled over again. So we flipped him again and in about 30 seconds he had himself turned over onto his back!! Yay! I still can't believe it... 

We're due for a weigh-in tomorrow so stay tuned... :)

right after our first smile... lucky dad...
cousin Mackenzie
sharing tummy time with cousin Sadie and aunt Shelese
cousin Audrey
cousins Mackenzie and Brenton
All the Stucky cousins... left, Audrey and her brother Waylon, Mackenzie holding Sadie, Brenton holding Landon. Can't wait to see how different the next cousin picture is!!
First Thanksgiving... he looked pretty enthused with my meal but he probably was more confused than anything. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Like Father Like Son

This is far too good! Just found my boys zonked out and had to share :)

I am laughing again just looking at it!! The funny thing is just beyond my computer screen is the real deal, luckily Landon is not snoring like dad at the moment :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grandparents Parade

All of Landon's Grandparents have had a chance to meet and hold our little man. It was recently brought to my attention that the blog lacked grandparents...

[please note it can be difficult to get a grandparent to look at a camera when holding Landon]

Grandma Janice
Grandpa Tony
Grandma Pat
Grandpa John
Great Grandma Gevona
Great Grandpa Harold
Great Grandma Lurena
Great Grandma Darlene (aka Granny)

The Latest Same Old Stuff

The latest IS the same old stuff. :) He is eating and growing and keeping us up at night just like any good baby would. One week ago on halloween he weighed 7lb 1.4oz and (ahem drum roll please...) yesterday he weighed 8lb 1.7oz!! One pound in one week... well 8 days but who's counting. I about fell over when they put him on the scale! So proud of my little man.

That's literally about it for Landon. Mom has started figuring out how to accomplish things in normal life other than caring for Landon which is a big booster for my mental health :)

The kissy face is still alive and going strong
Picture with a quilt hand-made by Grandma Janice :)
And a new hat from Grandma Janice

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Landon dressed up for Halloween! Even though he's not allowed to go out and play, what a trooper!

Can you guess?!
a baked potato!!! (I also got Chipotle burrito which I will accept)
Disclaimer: There was no actual baking involved

Uncle Austin!!

Uncle Austin came to visit!! Yay! We were go glad he could come and visit before Christmas. We had a great time and can't wait until he comes back!
Tiger couldn't get enough Landon
No matter who was holding him :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weights, Walks and Other Fun

Things have been going well at home with our big guy. He's waking up several times a night to eat and eating all day, which shows, he weighed 6lb 6oz Monday at his weight check appointment. He has gained almost a pound since we came home from the hospital! The lactation nurse said he's been gaining an average of 1 1/2 ounces a day. Yay!! He'll be rolly polly in no time. Plus our pediatrician said that good weight gain, (like Landon) can off-set some of the longer term risks of being born premature. So yet again I am back to Landon not knowing he was a preemie. :)

Landon in his "Sunday best" ready for a Sunday at home hiding from germs :)
Looking so much better in his car seat on a short ride to Grandpa and Grandma Wahl's. Surely he must pass his next car seat challenge!!

Today we ventured out on a lovely day for Landon's first walk! Our stroller lays flat so he could ride. Since he failed the car seat challenge at the hospital he is not allowed to sit in his carseat or similar position for more than 30 minutes max. His position options at home are being held or laying flat. At any rate we had a great time, he slept like a baby (ha!) the whole time, I take it that he liked it.

Ready to go!! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bath Time for a Big Boy!

We're slowly settleing into a routine of sorts. It includes lots of diapers, lots of feeding and a little bit of sleep. Landon has had 2 baths since we've been home, one by mom and one by dad. So far Landon is pretty tolerable of bath time.

We had a weight check appointment Monday at the hospital and Landon weighed 5lb 11.4oz, above birth weight! Yay! Then today we had our first appointment with Dr. Jantz and Landon weighed in at 5lb 14.4oz!! Gaining like a crazy man, its so exciting and I'm so proud of the big guy. Its also sad, they really do grow up too fast :)

Bath from Mom (thanks for the bath frog Jodi! It really does the trick) :)
Bath from Dad
Chaz supervised the whole operation :)