Sunday, July 29, 2012

Peas, Cheese and Cucumbers

Sorry for the lapse in time between updates... *ahem, Kris*...... :)

We've been busy with the same old fun. Landon has done everything but crawl, he is so close! But he has also discovered walking with someone holding his hands, he has decided this is a far preferable method of locomotion... Our little cruiser also has a walker now, he has recently figured out how to go and is chasing the cats and getting into anything he can reach. Its so cute to watch him go and have him come to us.

Today we've had an eating breakthrough of sorts. We had a classic after church lunch at D'Angelos. Expecting a fit and vomiting from Landon I attempted to feed him some tid-bits from my salad. Even though there was grimacing (interpreted by others as distaste for the tid-bit), there was no gagging or vomiting!! Maybe a slight spit up but I'm not counting it. He liked cheese, cucumbers and peas! I was over-joyed with mommy proudness. It was the first time he had opened his mouth and let me put bites in. It was so much fun that Matt was sure I'd never finish my own meal :)  Enjoy the latest pictures :)

an attempt at green beans

ready to roll!!

Carrots, note he excels at self feeding...

a blurry but telling photo of how our feedings often end, he insists on being upside down

hanging with uncle Austin before his big euro-trip

He has advanced his sleeping position options, this is one of many, we also find him in any which direction in any location in the crib

Cousins! Brent, Kenzie and Waylon (tangled up in the background)

almost crawling
 And now enjoy a fraction of my attempts to take his 9 month quilt picture....

That will do!

His very first Olympics!! Soccer...

Daddy's boots!
Learned to pull himself up in the tub... yikes!