Friday, June 29, 2012


Just got back from a quick trip to Oklahoma, my grandparents sold the family farm so we went for a last hoorah.  We had a lot of fun and it was oh so fast. But first a few random pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy :)

someone has started sleeping on his tummy

wrestling with daddy

daddy is winning

Landon may have won this one ;)
  Now Oklahoma....

first a nap

checking out the cows with great-grandpa and daddy

experiencing the Oklahoma red dirt

a picture in front of just a part of the wall of license plates... grandma counted 139, starting as early as the late 1930's until the 2000's we did take them all down to save them :)

promise he was just enjoying some air conditioning!! :)

picture in front of the round-top, I just love this shot!

having a great time with great-grandma and a very silly little frog

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"the hoof" and cheese...

Many things are the same our sweet little boy still refuses to eat anything but breast-milk, smiles readily and is not quite crawling, we're anxious for him to continue to develop and 'move forward' but I'm also feeling like its kind of okay too :) a mobile baby sounds exhausting and terrifying, I've never noticed just what a death trap our house is!! ;) We now have 5 teeth! and another one to arrive shortly... See picture below...

Our little gentleman frequently sits cross-legged

a water daddy!!  unfortunately water babies is over, we need to hit the pool again soon! :)
taking '8 month' picture

Landon wanted to show you his teeth "CHEESE"!!!!!!!!!!!!! only 4 in this picture

only a little ornery...
ready for church, and sitting cross-legged again!
Our biggest event as of lately is our first fathers day .... spent like this, hand foot and mouth, (which is Landon's case was more like arms and legs) a viral illness that causes fever, rash and a fussy miserable baby. Well at our house the terminology of hand foot and mouth quickly degraded to hoof and mouth (which is a completely different and unrelated infection affecting cows) then called "the hoof." So Landon is currently getting over his case of "the hoof" which is apparently really going around. So glad he is feeling better, don't let the happy looking baby below fool you, we had at least 48 hours of constantly holding and walking around with a crying miserable little boy. It really makes us appreciate the normal happy fun times we have with our little buddy!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Beaver Lake Trip

We had a family vacation!! :) We got to join our friends at a cabin on the lake, and we had a great time playing in the water and spending time with friends. Landon was not a great fan of the lake, my theory is cold water, maybe it will be better next time :)

The three musketeers, we managed very few pictures with all three looking at the camera :)

soaking in the pool on the dock

life jacket = a baby unable to move normally or sit on his own
Easton's mohawk, rockin'

close but Easton look this way!!

now Landon is eating his life jacket, he found it exceptionally tasty

We did it!!
Hey hey not bad.....

Okay I actually hate this
Ahhhh back in the pool on the dock, this is how to do the lake!!!

ball chasing... entertaining for all

Now the pool on the deck, almost as good as pool on the dock...

Sorry for the abundance of pictures, we had a great time, looking forward to our next trip.... someday...